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A few photos from our trip to Yosemite last week

See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from Newsgrange

Candid Reaction from Zoho to the Potential Threat of Office 2010

From: Sridhar Vembu Date: Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 8:51 AM   Dear Frederic, One reaction to Microsoft's announcement of Office 2010 which we find amusing (or whatever the term that is appropriate in discussing one's own obituary) is “This spells the end of Zoho.” What most people fail to realize is that while the […]

Testing BlogWriter on the iPhone

Just testing BlogWriter from the iPhone. Looks like it works pretty well (assuming this post shows up).

31 May 2009 @ 9am


More copyright craziness: NYTimes: Music Industry Sees Nightclubs as a New Source of Revenue

From The New York Times:  Music Industry Sees Nightclubs as a New Source of Revenue By ERIC PFANNER   As the music industry tries to make up for plunging CD sales, it is pushing to generate new revenue from nightclubs, restaurants, radio stations and karaoke bars…. Posted via email from Newsgrange

7 May 2009 @ 9am


So which one is it, Microsoft?

Posted via email from Newsgrange

Happy New Year

I’m not blogging today, but just wanted to wish everybody a Happy New Year. I’ve got some new things planned for this blog, which pretty much went into hibernation after I started blogging for ReadWriteWeb, so stay tuned for that! As always: thanks for reading and subscribing! Without my readers and commenters here, I surely […]

Five Web Apps that Deserved More Attention in 2008

Even though 2008 isn’t exactly ending on a high note, we have definitely seen our fair share of interesting new web apps and online services this year. Some of those, however, never quite caught on, even though they are really interesting and cool.

1 July 2008 @ 4pm


To Pay or Not to Pay for iPhone Apps?

Here is an exceedingly dumb article from the Time Magazine website. You might want to read it in all its glory, but I will just give you the last paragraph: If Apple ever does decide to let all iPhone apps be free, it would be a radical departure from its typical way of doing business. […]

Moving Along and Posting on RWW

As some of you might have noticed already, updates here have been a bit sparse lately. There is a good reason for that. After a whirlwind of activity last week, I started posting on ReadWriteWeb today and officially joined the most dangerous profession of all. This will keep me busy and off the streets for […]

GPS Will Turn Us All Into Idiots

According to a bunch of so called experts interviewed by ABC News, using a GPS will make you dumb and will herald the end of human communication (or at least our ability to ask for and give directions): “There is a social function of being lost,” Slavin said. “And that social function of being lost […]

Reddit Opens Up the Source

Social news site Reddit, which on many fronts competes directly with Digg, has opened up the source code of its service and licensed it under the Common Public Attribution License. The license stipulates that any changes to the code must be made public if they are used on a public site and that any site […]

What is the “Media Bloggers Association” and why are they talking for us?

Update: I contacted Robert Cox and he says the MBA has about 1000 members, including people like Glenn Reynolds, John Amato, Liza Sabater, James Joyner, Oliver Willis and many others. During the whole ruckus around the confrontation between the AP and the Drudge Retort, I constantly see references to the Media Bloggers Association. Apparently, this […]

Elite Tech News Podcast #11 – Hot Coffee Pod

This week’s Elite Tech News Podcast featured Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins, Art Lindsey, Steven Hodson and myself along with Jason Kaneshiro and MG Siegler manning the chat room (though MG made a brief appearance to talk about the WWDC in the middle of the show). With only a small crew on board this week, this episode […]

Comments are not blog posts

Fred Wilson started a discussion about blog comments today. Here is the final paragraph of his post which pretty much sums up his thoughts: What’s the difference between a great comment and a great blog post? Nothing. What’s the difference between a great commenter and a great blogger? Nothing. At least in theory. It’s time […]

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