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11 November 2009 @ 11pm


Make $8 to copy and paste a blog post – WebPoint VPN is looking for 100 spam blogs

I've always been fascinated by how the dirty underground world of paid blog posts works. Over time, I've signed up for a few services to see what they offered. This is what I saw in my mailbox today:

Hi there Frederic,

Do you blog?  Would you like to earn $8 real fast for blogging an article?

Here's the lowdown:

WebPoint is looking for 100 blogs in 7 days to help spread the word about their amazing VPN software.

Review WebPoint and post an article and you'll earn yourself a cool $8 for your post. Your affiliate link may be used and will earn you commissions on all free trials that result from  your article!

Don't have time to write?  I've included a zip fle with example blog articles you could use and
repost, but feel free to write your own if you prefer.

How to Earn your Blogger Bucks

1.  Either repost one of our articles or write your own.

2.  Submit your review for approval at:
(blogkits is part of offerforge so you're in safe hands and we promise you're not giving away your info)

3.  Don't forget to enter your OfferForge Affiliate ID US9173

4.  We'll review your entry and the first 100 entries that meet our editorial guideline will be
credited with R50 each.

5.  The best blog review as judged by WebPoint will get a bonus of $30!

Editorial Guidelines:
Blogs must have a PageRank of 1 or better, english language, at least 20  blog entries & an archive
of at least 3 months. Only one entry per blog allowed. Independently written articles must be 50 words or longer.
Blog may not contain warez / cracks / adult material or any other  objectionable content as defined by OfferForge.

Earnings will be credited by 30 November 2009.

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