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9 June 2008 @ 1pm


Twitter Survives Stevenote – But FriendFeed was the Place To Be

imageI wrote a bit about my expectations for the Apple keynote yesterday (and I wasn’t too far off in my predictions).

At the same time, though, I was also really interested how both Twitter and FriendFeed would hold up to what must have been a massive demand of geeks scouring for information during those two hours today.

Twitter did a good job at staying up – something I definitely did not expect at all. However, they had to reduce the amount of API calls to only one per six minutes, making a conversation and immediate updates impossible. Still – Twitter passed the test today – let’s hope they continue on this track.

With instant Twitter communication being impossible, though, the real action today was on FriendFeed.

I was hanging out mostly in the VentureBeat WWDC room that MG Siegler had set up to test if liveblogging via FF was going to work – and MG and Dean did a great job posting live updates fast then any other service I looked at today.

That’s where FF and the community there really shone this morning – there was a great discussion around every singly point and FriendFeed’s architecture never skipped a beat.

As a sidenote: I wonder if anybody at FriendFeed ever thought they were creating a great liveblogging tool…