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9 June 2008 @ 12am


Apple Keynote Predictions

I have a horrible record when it comes to my predictions for Steve Jobs’ keynotes. As I’m not an Apple faithful, I’m not quite as plugged into the Mac world as some of my friends (though fully intend to buy an iPhone 2 once it’s available).

However, I have been following the coverage/rumors about tomorrow’s/today’s event pretty closely, so without further ado, here is my take on it:

image 3g iPhone: It’s a given, right? Only question for me is if there will be the much rumored front-facing video chat camera on it or not – and wether or not Apple will release a version of its video chat app for Windows to go along with this. With Safari and iTunes, they already have some experience in developing for Windows, but a video chat app is in a slightly different league. Otherwise, 3g and GPS are the only updates I expect. I don’t see a smaller version being released just yet or even higher capacities.

$199 iPhone: I’m not betting on this one. Apple might need to push the price down a bit to reach a larger audience and to hit its sales predictions and AT&T already subsidizes every other phone they sell. But with jailbreaking the phone being the standard procedure – AT&T and Apple would probably have to switch back to in-store activation to prevent massive jailbreaking and exporting and I can’t quite see them do that (though if they release the 3g Iphone world-wide, this might be less of an issue). That said – if they sell them for $199,

iPod Touch updates: I don’t see a lot of people talking about this, but I do wonder if the iPod Touch – which is really basically a really small Internet enabled computer – is going to get an update. More memory? Battery life? Form factor? Touch nano?

image Mac Fusion: This rumor just started circulating tonight. It would be a Mac with a very small footprint (the ‘screenshots’ make it look smaller than an Apple TV) and it would be geared towards developers. I’m not buying that at all. I can see Apple updating the Mac Mini line – and in tune with Apple’s regular modus operandi, making it smaller – but why gear it specifically towards developers?

New version of OSX: Why not – as a Windows user – that would probably the least exciting news for me. I guess there is always hope for OSX to make the move into the general PC market, but I think that’s mostly wishful thinking. If anything, Apple will preview it and maybe seed it to developers on the WWDC.

Well – by tomorrow at this time, we will know a lot more…

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