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30 May 2008 @ 3pm


Adsense heading to FeedBurner

Feedburner today announced that Google is finally getting around to integrating Google Adsense advertising into RSS feeds created through FeedBurner. Apparently this will be rolled out within the next week or so.

You could always inject AdSense ads into FeedBurner feeds, by the way, but it wasn’t a very elegant solution and was supported as a “3rd party service.”

Is it worth it?

I have been running some ads in my feed (only on posts over 500 words and only on every 3rd of those posts) – I’m generally skeptical how well these ads convert (Google doesn’t allow its users to discuss the actual numbers, but let’s just say that the click-thru rate on those ads is less than 1/3rd of those on the site here and the CPM around 1/4 of that).

What about communities built around full feeds?

Steven Hodson brings up some good points around this question:

Personally I think that if I am running ads in my RSS feed it is being done to try and monetize my content in another fashion and when a social site takes that feed and basically strips out the ad and regurgitates in one fashion or another without my prior consent then I think it is wrong. Now if they contact me and ask nicely the chances are that I would say “have at it bud“. The idea being here that you treat me with respect and I’ll do the same.

I can see Steven’s point here, though I stick to my general view here that if I publish a full feed and somebody uses it to built a service around it, then I’m ok with that. It would be great of these services asked me for consent, but given that it’s often users who add the feeds to them, I think this might be quite impractical.

I tend to look at feeds, social media etc. as a way to make people aware of mysefl and the blog and get them to head here in the long run – but then, I’m also not trying to make money from my writing beyond covering the costs of my server, so my point of view might be quite different from a blogger who is trying to make a living from this.