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24 May 2008 @ 11am


FF vs. Twitter: Let the Killing Continue

Now that I’m caught up on the events of the last week, it becomes pretty clear that FriendFeed is still the topic du jour. Today, TechCrunch announces (based on Compete data), that FriendFeed still has a lot of killing to do:

FriendFeed certainly has a lot of potential, but it still has a lot of killing to do. Not much data is available for how FriendFeed is actually doing, other than blog headlines on Techmeme. The life-streaming service does not even register yet on comScore, for instance.

Compete counts about 150.000 uniques per month for FriendFeed, which, to me at least, seems very low (can FriendFeed really only get 10x more uniques that most semi-popular blogs?).

Duncan Riley (who has emerged as a far more interesting blogger now that he isn’t with TechCrunch anymore, btw), says it’s time for FriendFeed to kill Twitter. I find myself spending less and less time on Twitter and more on FriendFeed, and with the FriendFeed rooms now running in full swing, I can see how this can happen. Twitter could still kill FriendFeed in the mobile market (though the FF mobile space is also getting interesting), but they seem to have almost completely abandoned that avenue.

Theoretically, Twitter and FriendFeed (and whatever other service) can live together quite nicely – at least to a point.

But it seems like FriendFeed is moving away more and more from just pure aggregation to become more of a communication tool in its own right – and hence moving right into Twitter’s territory while Twitter is down and out of the innovation cycle and struggling to keep the service up as it is.

The commenting features in FF were the first step towards become more of a communications tool and the rooms are the next step here.

I see comments from quite a few people who have moved away from Twitter completely.

Twitter hasn’t innovated and others are moving quickly to surpass it. In that respect, maybe it’s Twitter that is killing itself anyway – but the interesting thing is that it won’t be supplanted by a Twitter clone, but by FriendFeed.