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1 May 2008 @ 4pm


Thursday Thoughts: Going Mainstream Ain’t Easy – Installing Disqus Is

Early Adopters:

Last night’s post on the growing rift between early adopters and mainstream users lingered through the night, but picked up quite some steam in the morning with a great discussion in the comments here, on FriendFeed and on Robert Scoble’s blog post about Early Adopter Angst (also in response to Alexander van Elsas’ post about the Tech Elitefunny sidenote: Robert got both Alexander’s and my name wrong…).

In his blog post, Robert says:

Early adopters DO matter. Anyone who says that they don’t needs to go back to business school.

This is why I follow 20,000 Twitterers. I want to study what early adopters are doing and thinking. Twitter is the best place — by far — to do that.

I don’t disagree there, but what I did wonder about in my original post was if a lot of the new Web 2.0 services aren’t catering exclusively to early adopters and only solve the problems of early adopters, thereby pricing themselves out of a mainstream market.


I finally took the plunge and installed Disqus here for comments. Setting it up took literally five minutes.

I hear good things about their customer service and as more and more people start switching to it, it is going to make commenting easier for a lot more people.