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29 April 2008 @ 5pm


Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts: iPhone, Ads in Feeds and Twitter Numbers

Not too much news yet today and lots of deadlines to meet for yours truly, but I do have a few thoughts about the little news that did trickle through the blogosphere today:

AT&T to subsidize iPhone: I always said I was going to buy the 2nd gen iPhone the day it comes out. If AT&T really subsidizes the new iPhone, then I will probably buy one for me and one for my wife. There was really never any good reason not to subsidize the iPhone. Hope this turns out to be true.

Advertising in RSS feeds: Not sure why exactly this is news today, besides that Google is going to start integrating FeedBurner into its Google Accounts system for authentication. I have been running ads in my feed through FeedBurner for a very long time already – so there really isn’t anything new here – but I’m sure it will get people talking about advertising in feeds once again. I gather Google is going to offer some tighter integration between the two services, but besides that, there is really nothing new here.

image Only Twitter has the real Twitter numbers: Apparently Twitter usage via the web interface is up 8x compared to last year (don’t get me started if that means it is mainstream or not…). Those numbers, of course, mean absolutely nothing (as even Mike Arrington points out). The web interface is probably the worst way of interacting with Twitter and looking at my feed right now, maybe 1 out of 20 people in my list post from the web. So let’s stop worrying about what Twitter is, how to use it, who uses it and just use it (when it’s up).

Looks like Microsoft botched the XP SP3 release. I actually installed in on my old laptop without any trouble, but I guess MS found a last-minute issue with its own retail management system. Not exactly good advertising for MS, but I gather bringing down a retailer with a software upgrade wasn’t an option either…

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