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22 April 2008 @ 12pm


MySocial 24×7 Review: The Best FriendFeed App Lives in the Browser

imageWith Alert Thingy and now Twhirl, the market for FriendFeed desktop apps already feel crowded. The development cycles for both apps are extremely fast and the Twhirl developers arerumored to release a new version tonight.

However, with MySocial 24×7 (MS24x7), both of these AIR based apps have found a worthy challenger. I didn’t recommend either Alert Thingy nor Twhirl so far, but MS24x7 does get the thumbs up for me.

MS24x7 isn’t a desktop app in the strictest sense, but is only available as a Firefox plug-in that lives in your sidebar (I am testing it with the latest beta and it works perfectly fine there).

Of all the FF apps so far, it is the one that most fully represents the feature set of the web app (including the option to pipe comments back into Twitter) and expands it with added functionality (some of which is also available for the web site through various Greasemonkey scripts).

For example, you can filter your stream by services and specific friends (all of them, not just those whose items are active on your screen right now like in Twhirl).

You can also share links directly from the sidebar. This last function is very smartly realized by simply bringing up the FF bookmarklet dialogue (why reinvent the wheel, after all). Also, when you can preview an image right in the sidbar.

The app follows the standard FF way of promoting ‘liked’ and  commented on items back to the top and, overall, feels very snappy and lightweight. Exactly what I was hoping for from a FF app.

I only noticed a few minor bugs (which is to be expected in an early release) and problems so far. I would like the app to automatically refresh the display when new items come up, and the logout and share icons on the top of the sidebar do seem to take up a lot more space than necessary. Also, I can’t quite figure out how the list of friends is organized – it definitely isn’t by alphabet.

These minor issues aside, I would recommend this app over the other two for now.

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