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20 April 2008 @ 5pm


Twitter: Talk to us when things go bad

Twitter has been up and down all weekend. Some updates make it through, some don’t. Some direct messages make it – some don’t.

Now Twitter is all about communication as Tony Hung pointed out on Twitter today, but why can’t Twitter talk to us when things go bad?

Lot’s of bloggers are chatting about it, but the latest updates from the core Twitter team don’t even acknowledge that there is a problem and neither does the Twitter blog.

I hope that’s because they are all too busy trying to fix the problems…

Update: as of Monday morning, Twitter has finally acknowledged the problems and updated its blog:

We’re aware of this, we realize that it’s annoying, and we’re meeting today about how to best finish up this project and clean up any remaining bugs. Thanks to everyone who checked in with us on Satisfaction, @replies, and email over the weekend. Overall, completing this memcache project is a big win that will lead to increased stability.

In the meantime, here is a trick for how to reset your Twitter cache to get updates again.

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