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18 April 2008 @ 3pm


Gillmor Gang now hosted on TechCrunch

After about a year of not being able to use the ‘Gillmor Gang’ monicker because of issues with Podshow (and I just base this on hearing rumors and some informed guesses), the Gillmor Gang has now moved to TechCrunch, making it the first non Arrington chaired podcast on the TechCrunch network.

Update: In his TechCrunch post about this, Arrington makes it clear that a) they didn’t acquire the show, but host it and manage the advertising for it and that b) they will announce more partners like this in the future.

TechCrunch is hosting the complete archive shows since last November. During that time, Gillmor called it the Gillmor Group and also started hosing NewsGang Live, an (almost) daily podcast with a variety of guests and topics usually centered around politics and tech.

I always liked the Gillmor Gang, even though it is often completely dysfunctional and at times unbearably boring. However, there are always just enough nuggets of gold in it to make it worth listening. It’s clearly raw and unedited – or, as Jason Calacanis describes it: “free-form thought-fest that unpacks, repacks, and distracts memes faster than any other conversation out there.”

In the latest episode though, insomniac Mike Arrington, after what must have been half an hour of sleep in the last three days starts attacking Hugh Mcleod for withdrawing his Twitter account. Fascinating stuff…

Interesting moment in the show: Arrington predicts that is pretty much done…

p.s. I sometimes think of our Elite Tech podcast as the b-list version of the Gillmor Gang…


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