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17 April 2008 @ 1am


Twhirl Adds FriendFeed Support

I didn’t quite see this coming, but in its next version, Twhirl, which was just acquired by Seesmic, is going to add support for FriendFeed. The announcement by Loic Le Meur is in the video here:

Given that Twhirl has a larger install base than Alert Thingy, this is going to not only push FriendFeed at the fingertips of a lot of new users, but it also gives Twhirl a huge competitive advantage.

In the video, Loic claims that you can already download the beta version (0.7.9, I assume), but I have been looking everywhere and I can’t find it just yet.

Update: I did some sleuthing on the twhirl site (well – I tried some different names for the downloads), here is the friendfeed enabled beta ready for your downloading pleasure. You might want to log out and then add a new account before you can see the FriendFeed option.

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