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15 April 2008 @ 4pm


Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

Facebook launched some new, ‘lifestreamy’ stuff: I really don’t care. Actually, I just deleted my facebook account. It is still the internet with training wheels – and I’m still not interested in plying around with Zombies. My social networks are Twitter and FriendFeed.

Meme13 launches: A way of reading the posts from the last 13 sites that made it to the Techmeme Leaderboard. It displays the full text of the feeds, so it’s basically a content scraper… and it ignores all the little sites that don’t make it to the leaderboard. Final verdict: not useful (Marshall Kirkpatrick has a good review of Meme 13 up on RWW).

The flawed TechCrunch post on Twitter and advertising still stands uncorrected. No surprise there.

FriendFeed filters: This aviv guy/gal is doing amazing stuff with Greasemonkey extensions for FriendFeed. His newest one lets you create groups of friends and filer FriendFeed by those groups – in the browser. I think the FF desktop apps are going to have a hard time competing.

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