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8 April 2008 @ 10pm


Twitter Adds Search – but still no full-text search

It’s been a long time coming and I never understood why this wasn’t a default feature of Twitter even at launch time, but now, Twitter finally has search – even if it isn’t really a full-text search.

You can now search for locations and names, but there is no way to search for keywords within tweets. That’s pretty weird, I think, given that others are already doing this with the Twitter API.

Even the location search is, in the end, better implemented by Twitter Local than Twitter itself.

At least Twitter is starting to roll out some new features, though. The work on getting Twitter more stable has clearly paid off, as there have been far fewer outages lately than even just a month ago. Now it is time for Twitter to start working on getting some new features implemented – first on the list should be a full-text search functionality.


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