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7 April 2008 @ 10pm


Monday Night Thoughts: Google Apps, Why We Blog, A-Lists, and a Hardware Upgrade

Lots of non-tech things keeping me busy today, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have something to say about the events of the day:

Google’s App Engine: I’m not a developer, but from what I see from the developer community, this is a big deal. If anything, it pushes the ideas of cloud computing further and gives Amazon a reason to keep innovating its products. If it helps developers getting more interesting products onto the market faster and cheaper, then what’s not to love.

Why We Blog: I couldn’t agree more with Steven Hodson’s thoughts on why he blogs:

I blog because I love it and there is nothing better than getting involved with an intelligent conversations over ideas. That is the joy in being a blogger.

Personal A-lists: The list of Top 25 blogs as votes for by their readers is, as so many of these lists, based on what blog managed to get as many of its readers as possible to vote for it.
Far more interesting to me is the meme of publishing personal A-lists, such as Sarah’s, Corvida from SheGeeks‘ Steven Hodson’s recent A-list additions, Louis Gray’s etc. (I’m always humbled to see my name on those lists, by the way, I consider myself a C-lister at best who gets to play with the B-listers sometimes).
For me, the great thing about the net is that there are no gatekeepers who decided what we should/can read – I love Techmeme because I get a quick view of where the general discussion is going, but my Google Reader feeds point into a very different direction.

I love playing with hardware: I just upgraded my dual-core chip to a quad-core Core 2 Quad Extreme. Besides my laptop’s, I have built my own PCs for the last ten years. There is something very satisfying about building your own computer and getting a good feeling for how things work at a more hands-on level and being able to tweak my hardware. I think that’s why I can’t get myself to buy an Apple desktop…