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3 April 2008 @ 1pm


Thursday Afternoon Thoughts – TC50, Influencers, and Craigslist

The whole DEMOfall vs. TC50 controversy is just a farce. I don’t see why the two can’t coexist. What really bother’s me is the language on the TC50 side. Calacanis calls his JasonNation to war, Arrington says Demo has to die – come on guys – it’s just two conferences. The TC50 crew clearly schedule the dates after DEMO had already set its – so don’t blame them for moving their dates up and claim you ‘always’ did your conference on that weekend – you only held one conference and nobody knew if you were going to do another one. It seems this kind of stuff is almost pathological with Arrington who seems to be a little too hyper-competitive these days.

At the end of the day, this petty behavior only hurts the companies that want to present at these conferences. Now the media attention is split between the two. Great job.

Influencers have less clout than thought before. I guess this is news to the marketing folks… And only 14% of people trust bloggers. Some see this as a bad thing, but it’s not that bad, really – these questions were asked to 1000 adults – how many of them even read blogs?

As usual with these reports, the raw data isn’t available so it’s almost impossible to validate the media reports. I’m not even sure if this is data for Canada, the US, or worldwide? Yet the reporting just takes this stuff and runs with it without thinking about it twice.

Side note |Looking at Steve Rubel’s post about this: why did people not trust their peers in 2003?

Craigslist launches a blog without and RSS feed. I guess this is mostly a reaction to the whole ‘erotic services’ business in CT (the blog gives CL a stage to talk about this), but if you have a blog to talk to your customers, you better get an RSS feed…

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