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3 April 2008 @ 8am

blogging, friendfeed

FriendFeed helps you to hide junk and stay sane

FriendFeed continues it’s slow but steady rollout of new features. One a lot of folks have been asking for was a better filtering mechanism to decrease noise. FriendFeed now took a first step in this direction by allowing users to blanket hide all entries from a specific service such as Twitter, Tumblr, Digg etc. (see also Louis Gray’s review of this). You can also new hide all entries from a specific user’s friends. And, as with all FriendFeed ‘hide’ functions, you have the option to still see those items that have ‘likes’ and comments, which allows you to still participate in those discussions.

Super-Hide is now available!

For me, that means I can now finally block all those Disqus discussions (which are mostly completely disembodied from any context once they show up in your stream).

One of the great things about FriendFeed for me is that you can make it what you want it to be. It can be your feedreader or Twitter client, as well as your social hub for discussions or just a stream of stuff that moves by you while you sit back passively. This new functionality gives me even more control.

Now if they could add some keyword filtering allowing you to exclude items with certain terms and, maybe more importantly, including items outside of your regular friend stream, I would be even happier…