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26 March 2008 @ 4pm


March: Already the busiest month ever on the Last Podcast

Like most bloggers, I can’t help but keep an eye on the analytics data for my blog now and then. March has been quite a good month for the Last Podcast. Actually, March has broken every traffic record on the blog since it started. There were more visits, more pageviews, more incoming links, more comments, more Techmeme headlines, and more RSS subscriptions than ever before.

I have to give a lot of thanks for my fellow b-listers (in no particular order) Louis Gray, MG Siegler, Steven Hodson, Mark Hopkins, Webomatica, Mathew Ingram, Corvida and everybody else who thought my posts were worth linking to this month!

Here is some of the more interesting data from this month:

Top Referrers:

  1. Google
  2. Techmeme
  3. FriendFeed(!)
  4. TechCrunch (via trackbacks)
  6. Mashable
  7. Stumbleupon
  8. Twitter

Top search terms that lead readers to the blog:

  1. friendfeed
  2. bitchmeme
  3. aggregation

Browser stats:

  1. Firefox (2 and 3) – 53%
  2. IE (6 and 7) – 30%
  3. Safari 13%
  4. Opera- 1%
  5. fun fact: the Playstation 3 shows up last as number 16 with 0.05%

Busiest time of the day:

  1. 7am(!)
  2. 7pm
  3. 4pm

Busiest days of the week:

  1.  Tuesdays
  2. Mondays
  3. Saturday