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25 March 2008 @ 8pm


First FriendFeed App: FriendFeedStats

Benjamin Golub of RSSMeme got an early look at the FriendFeed API that was just released today and released what must be the first web app making use of the FriendFeed API:

The app is still in its infancy, but already gives us a quick taste for how the FriendFeed API can be used. FriendFeedStats basically provides you with statistical information for how a given user uses FF. Here are the stats for me:

You can also drill down a bit more by selecting specific services and timescales. As of right now, FFStats indexes about half a million entries and was written using the Django Python framework.


Update: Glenn Slaven has also just hacked up a quick WordPress plugin that displays FriendFeed discussions about a given WordPress blog post on your blog. It’s not available yet, but you can see an example on his site (at the bottom of the post). Looks like the discussion about comment fragmentation is going to come to a screeching halt very soon.

Others are also already playing with posting and commenting on FriendFeed via the API.

Also see Corvida’s post with some of her ideas for some FriendFeed apps.

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