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18 March 2008 @ 2pm


Friendfeed: It’s not about killing Techmeme or Google Reader

Robert Scoble switched his homepage to Friendfeed. That’s a major endorsement for Friendfeed, and while I think his rethoric of Friendfeed as a Google Reader or Techmeme killer is a bit over the top, though his reasons for switching are very interesting:

On top of FriendFeed right now are people I don’t know. No A-listers. I’m not there.

That’s thrilling. Why? Because I’m hearing new voices, discovering new blogs, and seeing early adopter behavior in a more pure state. A more “live” state.

I’ve lately been thinking a lot about how to break out of the good old echo chamber and start reading a more diverse set of bloggers. Friendfeed, through its Friend-of-a-friend feature has already allowed me to find a lot of writers I had never heard of. In that respect, Friendfeed is a great recommendation engine and a lot less less of an echo chamber than Techmeme.

Yet Friendfeed doesn’t replace either Techmeme or Google Reader (if anything, it is starting to replace my Twitter habit).

Google Reader allows me to plow through a huge set of info quickly, efficiently, and to share the most interesting items I find with my friends (who then see and comment on them in Friendfeed…). If I subscribed to 500 people in Friendfeed, my steam would be at terminal velocity and would be absolutely useless to me.

Techmeme gives me an overview over the most discussed stories within the echochamber.

But to me, the killer feature in Friendfeed is the discussions I have with my network of friends in it – Google Reader and Techmeme don’t allow for that, but both are invaluable resources in their own right. They simply compliment each other.

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