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17 March 2008 @ 3pm


Interview with Bret Taylor from Friendfeed

I have resurrected the Last Podcast podcast again and my first guest is Bret Taylor from Friendfeed. We talk about this history of Friendfeed, the upcoming API (though Bret was cautious not to give too much away), comments on Friendfeed vs. blog comments, and this weekend’s controversy around Friendfeed.

A few highlight:

An API is coming “within weeks” – Bret couldn’t/wouldn’t be more specific about it, but they are defintely working about it. I asked about a two-way API and again, no specifics, but Bret assured me that they are trying to give developers very broad access and that they are looking forward to seeing what the developer community will come up with.

They are listening to feedback about comments and feeding them back into blogs and twitter, but are mostly focused on the conversation among friends.

Threaded comments might make the interface too complicated. Sometimes users might ask for more features than they really want

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