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13 March 2008 @ 8pm


Thursday Night Thoughts

At least on my side of the net, the day was mostly driven by FriendFeed really taking off (which lead me to spend a lot of time adding people to my network there). It almost seems as if all the SxSW goes have returned and started looking for something new. I hope a lot of them stay around.

But there was also some other news – here are the items that stood out for me:

AOL is buying Bebo: I guess it doesn’t matter to me much and even though it is the Techmeme headline for the day, it doesn’t really seem to get too much play in the blogosphere beyond the ever incessant repetition of the news, either.

Windows 7 is coming in 2010: Not really much news either. Did anybody think there wasn’t going to be a next version of Windows?

David Pogue loves the new iPhone software: what else is new? In the comments, David says he doesn’t love the new software.

Google Sky has launched: Somewhere, in a quiet corner, Robert Scoble is weeping.

Phillipp Lenssen sums up all the Google Tools that have quietly disappeared over the years – interesting stuff.