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13 March 2008 @ 2pm


Big Day for FriendFeed

Even though there was some controversy around Louis Gray’s post on A-listers joining FriendFeed, it seems that his post, together with the resulting coverage on Techmeme and Robert Scoble writing about it on his blog, brought FriendFeed to a tipping point in terms of getting more mainstream exposure.

Earlier this morning, Gabe Rivera twittered that

“It’s apparent to Friendfeed users that the service tipped today. Yet the site is as responsive as ever. Well done, Friendfeed.”

I agree – today is a major day for FriendFeed (and its speed is indeed as fast as ever).

What I can only see as a response to the coverage FriendFeed received earlier today, I saw a huge spike in people adding me to their feeds and other bloggers, such Loic Lemeur, suddenly can’t keep up with the amount of people adding his feed anymore.

If anybody was wondering what would happen on FriendFeed if it went viral – it seems the waiting is over and we will soon know.

Dave Winer, Paul Kedrosky, Mathew Ingram and many other bloggers with large followings are all writing and twittering about it today, which has lead to a spike of new users signing up in droves.

The mission for FriendFeed is now to add some features that allow users to keep the service at an equilibrium where the signal to noise ratio doesn’t get out of hand. Most importantly, I think a more fine grained filtering mechanism would be a good addition.

There also seems to have been some fear among early adopters that FriendFeed wouldn’t be able to retain its small town community feel. This sudden growth spurt will put that to a test, but my feeling is that those fears are unfounded. Just like Twitter – FriendFeed allows every user to have a different experience. Unless every users starts adding hundreds of ‘friends,’ it shouldn’t lose the community feel it has right now.