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2 March 2008 @ 12am


Newspapers are Dead – what else is new?

A few days ago, I was awaken from my post-lunch coma by a door-to-door newspaper salesman, trying to get me to sign up for the local paper by dangling a $20 grocery shopping card in front of me. When I told him I didn’t need the paper, he asked if I read my news online. I said yes; the salesman looked at me knowingly and moved on. I had a feeling he didn’t read the paper himself anymore either.

And if you are reading this, chances are you hardly every touch a newspaper anymore.

According to a recent Zogby poll, 48% of Americans use the internet as their primary source of news and information, 29% television; 11% radio and only 10% newspapers.

Just a few years ago, I used to buy the New York Times religiously every Sunday. It was pretty much a ritual. But at some point I just realized that there was really very little in the paper itself that I hadn’t already seen in some fashion a day or two before.

In the last two years I bought exactly 0 newspapers, though I still read all the mainstream news sources online (and probably more now than every before).

At this point, physical newspapers offer absolutely no value to me that would make me want to pay even the lowly 50 cents my local rag costs.

Another newspaper salesperson tried to sell the paper to me by praising all the great coupons in it on Sunday. Honestly, if that’s the only value proposition for newspapers today, then that industry has reached a sad low point in its existence.

P.S. how sad do you feel for those 29% who use the TV as their main news source? They must be afraid out of their head that their friendly neighborhood meth lab is going to explode on them, a murderous clown is going to hunt them down, their children will be accidentally microwaved, and a Muslim is going to become President…