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22 February 2008 @ 12pm


Time for Joost to fade away?

Remember how people were trading Joost invites less than a year ago like they were Gmail invites? And do you remember when you last opened that Joost application you installed after you were so happy you finally got your invite?

Me neither. Now, according to Pingdom, Joost’s website has had a lot of downtime in February. But did you hear anybody complain?

Looking at the publicly available stats (which all come with caveats, I know), Joost saw a spike in users sometime around last October and has been flat since.

But then, Joost of course doesn’t depend on its website because it is a downloadable application. That’s why I don’t think their website downtime matter as all (okay – it is Friday and not much else is going on…).

But the fact that Joost relies on a desktop app is its big downfall. There is a time and place for desktop clients (think Twitter, email etc.). But Internet video is not that place. Internet video is the realm of short bursts of video content. Loading up the Joost application takes longer than most videos last.

Also, the video quality of a lot of the content that the big TV networks are putting up has gone up steadily and this, together with the trend to ‘HD’ content on some of the larger video sharing sites and the trend towards full-screen video has left Joost with basically no advantage over the more conventional Internet video destinations.

Joost arrived with great hype, but very soon, it will go away quietly.