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15 February 2008 @ 3pm


Friday Afternoon Thoughts

Just a couple of thoughts in no particular order – it’s Friday after all and so far, not a single bitchmeme has sprung up…

  1. Who ever thought that a computer in the cloud would be completely immune to outages? Nobody ever promised that as far as I can see. Even Amazon only promises a 99.9% uptime.
    Also, the outage really wasn’t that big a deal – at least not big enough to justify the paranoia in the TechCrunch comments on the story.
  2. SCO is back? How the hell could that happen? I thought that collective nightmare of all Linux users had died an excruciatingly painful death of bankruptcy. Apparently some Saudi prince thought it was a good idea to pump money into this decrepit piece of garbage.
  3. Steven Hodson’s piece on Feeling adrift in the blogosphere and other thoughts is a must read. He echoes a lot of my own feelings (not so much about feeling adrift, but about browsers, tabs, idealism etc.), but I haven’t been able to really formulate my answers to the many questions he raises yet. If you have some time, you should read it.
  4. Twitter writes a post explaining why the profile images were down for 2-3 minutes today, but they hardly ever communicate anything about their own, hour-long outages. Maybe they were happy to finally have somebody else to blame for a problem…
  5. Did I miss graduating from primary school, or are there really some people out there seriously arguing whether Seattle is better than Silicon Valley? It’s not even a question – Portland, OR has them all beat.
  6. I find myself slowly drifting more towards using a desktop feedreader again. The delay before items appear in Google Reader is often simply too long. And now that FeedDemon is free, I really have no excuse not to use it. If only it automatically marked items as read after I scroll past them or click on them, I would be really happy.
  7. The Elite Tech reddit handily sailed past 500 subscribers yesterday. We now have more subscribers than Obama, Perl, pets, and the environment. Not bad.

Oh, and I really hope that this video is staged and not real… (NSFW if you have your speakers on, btw?)