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14 February 2008 @ 8pm


Don’t just be a press releaser

Richard MacManus has a good post up on ReadWriteWeb today about how often press releases show up on Techmeme these days, especially those from press release wire service Business Wire.

Especially the back and forth between Microsoft and Yahoo basically played out through press releases, so it would make sense for them to be featured heavily as sources for the blogosphere.

The real meat of the story, as I see it (and so does Mathew Ingram), is in thus paragraph:

You still see some blogs rank highly in Technorati by copying PR sometimes word for word. But long term I think such blogs will, ironically, have their lunch eaten by PR services such as Business Wire. Already Business Wire claims it is embedding their stories with multimedia, so how long before they start to have other ‘social software’ features such as comments, voting, tagging, etc.

Some of the big blog publication can get away with just copying a press release into a post now and then if it is breaking news (TechCrunch did so when the Microsoft/Yahoo story broke – and even they got criticized for it) . Those, after all, are places we expect to get breaking news from and they really are more like modern publishing houses.

Personally, however, I expect more from a blog post than just a re-hash of the news. To me, blogging is about the discussion and commentary, not about just repeating the news. Press releases are the fodder for our discussions and play a vital part in disseminating information. But a blog that only repeats news quickly becomes a waste of my time.

p.s. the press release guys do need bloggers – the only reason they can be in heavily featured on Techmeme is when lots of people link to their press release

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