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11 February 2008 @ 4pm


VentureBeat Gets Angel Round Funding


Congrats to the guys and gals over at VentureBeat, a blog that focuses on technology VC news and is run by former Jose Mercury News journalist Matt Marshall. According to Matt, they have just raised $320.000 cash from a number of angel investors:

VentureBeat has grown steadily since launching more than a year ago. We’ve been hiring writers and we have record traffic. I’ve bootstrapped the company thus far, and while it’s been rewarding, there’s just so much more we’d like to do. We’ve been pretty much in the black since I launched, and I’ve hired writers as cash afforded. Now that we’ve got our feet on the ground, its time to get to the next phase.

Back in the dark days of the blogosphere, there used to be one blog that was the goto place for startup news and reviews. At least in my view, there are at least two other online publications that are slowly but surely nibbling away readers from this one blog, and VentureBeat is one of them.