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11 February 2008 @ 11am


CNN to Launch

For a long time now, CNN has been trying get its viewers to send in video reports of current news events under the iReport moniker.

Now, according to MediaWeek, it looks like they are about to move all this content over to its own site,

Basically, CNN is trying to create a YouTube for news video, with the added benefit that CNN will probably have all the rights to your video for showing it on its cable channels.

However, as also noted by Mark Hopkins, they are completely confused about how they are going to moderate the site:

“The community will decide what the news is,” said Susan Grant, executive vp of CNN News Services. “We are not going to discourage or encourage anything…iReport will be completely unvetted.” (CNN will, however, monitor the site for objectionable content.)
Grant explained that iReport content will be clearly labeled as not necessarily reflecting the editorial views of CNN. “We’ll be telling people in lots of different ways that it’s a post-moderated site,” she said.

So what is it? Unvetted? Post-moderated? I guess they will figure it out as they go along.

The iReports shown on CNN right now are completely focused on disasters, car crashed and celebrities. I assume the iReport site will continue this glorious tradition.

Until then, here is you moment of Zen:

“They have to [try things like this],” he said. “Ratings are challenged right now. News organizations can’t count on elections every day or a bridge collapsing. They need to keep innovating.”

Which basically sums up the whole news enterprise today: don’t be too analytical – just try to innovate. Nobody needs in-depth news – we need news in new ways…