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5 February 2008 @ 7pm


Google’s forgotten stepchildren – Jaiku and GrandCentral

Whenever I hear that Google has acquired this or that company, I can’t help but fear that Google is just going to forget about them in the long run.

Today, Google teamed up with Twitter (which seems to have stayed up so far) to provide coverage of Super Tuesday through a mash-up with Google Maps.

That’s great for Twitter, but you can’t help but wonder why they would work with Twitter if they just bought a very similar company with Jaiku. However, when you look at the Jaiku homepage, the fact that they still tout being bought by Google and shutting down new user sign-ups as the latest news tells you that nothing has happened at Jaiku ever since. Indeed, it seems Google doesn’t want to do anything with Jaiku.

Zingku, which was a service similar to Jaiku but with a greater focus on mobile use was acquired by Google in September 2007. Guess what – new user sign-up are closed there as well.

A similar fate seems to have come for GrandCentral, the once heavily touted ‘one phone-number for life’ service that received great reviews when it was in closed beta (and I still use it), but which never came out of beta after it was acquired by Google.

As of now, it doesn’t look like Google is doing anything to integrate these services into any grand strategy. If anything, the face that these companies were bought by Google just helped their direct competitors.

I guess it is good news that FeedBurner is still up and running.

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