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1 February 2008 @ 12am


NTT Investing in Twitter

[warning – pure speculation and rumors ahead – proceed with caution]

Lots of rumors swirling around about Twitter today as the company went through yet another series of prolonged service outages.

According to TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley’s ‘sources,’ the Japanese teleco NTT might be about to make a major investment in Twitter – and because NTT owns Verio, it would make sense for them to move there:

According to one source, the move to Verio wasn’t related to issues with Joyent, but due to a yet to be disclosed investment from Japanese telco NTT, who are also the full owners of Verio. They did not provide the amount of the investment or terms, but they suggested it was finalized at the same time the Digital Garage investment was announced.

I agree with Duncan that Twitter’s roots as a mobile service would make this a good fit. Twitter so far has declined to comment, which could, of course, mean anything.

Biz Stone, in an email I got from him earlier today, did mention that they weren’t making any partnership announcements just yet and that we should remain patient. I guess one could read that in a way that would make it seem like an announcement is going to come soon.

Ah – the joy of purely informed speculation. Maybe we will know more tomorrow.

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