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30 January 2008 @ 12am


Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation makes popular series available DRM-free via BitTorrent

Maybe because it’s in Norwegian, it’s unlikely to become a huge hit worldwide, but Norwegian Broadcasting has just started to distribute on of its more successful shows on BitTorrent, without any DRM and in very high quality:

As one of many ways to reach people with our content we have decided to do an experiment and make one of our most popular television series available through BitTorrent.This technology makes it possible for us to make our content available in a very high quality without having to invest in large server farms and expensive bandwidth.

If only all TV stations would think this way. But then, Norwegian Broadcasting is tax funded and government backed (at least, Wikipedia says so), so they don’t have to fight with advertisers or copyright holders, making most comparisons with American TV networks mute. In the U.S., these networks, after all, are more in the advertising business than in the content business and have no interest in their shows beyond how much advertising they sell.

Still, it’s good to see that some places in the world are being progressive about the benefits of file sharing.

And just to annoy anybody in the US with a so-called ‘broadband’ connection, here is another little snippet from the article:

The bittorrent technology seems to work especially well for completely legal and high quality downloads. People happily seed the file and the download speeds achieved are reported to several megabits/s. The whole 600 MB file downloading in minutes or even seconds for the people with fast connections.

The joys of being Scandinavian.

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