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30 January 2008 @ 9pm


Another Day, Another Twitter Outage

Just after the guys at Twitter posted a glowing review of their host on the Twitter blog, the Republican Debate took its toll on everybody’s favorite waste of time communication tool and took it offline once again – for the second time today.

According to the Twitter folks, they are working hard on throwing hardware at the problem:

While we’re busy building Twitter, Joyent is working tirelessly to bring in more RAM, more CPUs, more hardware, and more late night support—never charging us for bandwidth is worth an extra mention.

Looks like that isn’t enough.

On the one hand, the fact that this freaks people out is a sign that Twitter indeed is the crack cocaine that keeps the Web 2.0 folks going.

On the other hand, though, this kind of stuff is what ultimately doomed Friendster and allowed MySpace to jump into the niche. It wasn’t better, but it wasn’t down all the time either.

The problem for Twitter is that its competitors like Jaiku and Pownce actually offer more features and seem to be built on more stable platforms.

Loyalties on the web shift easily. Twitter has a lot of goodwill among its users, but in the end, if Twitter can’t deliver, people will go somewhere else. It only takes a few people with a lot of friends to start moving away before everybody else to switch as well.

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