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24 January 2008 @ 3pm


Zoho finally useful – adds footnotes and endnotes

One of the main reasons I do not regularly use any of the online office suites was that none of them had support for footnotes and endnotes. My texts are full of them (on some pages, there is more text in the footnotes than in the body of the text).

Finally, Zoho has realized that this has been a deal breaker for many students and teachers and has added foot- and endnotes to its set of features for the Zoho Writer.

Thanks Zoho.

Now hopefully Google will feel the pressure and add the same functions (I am still partial to Google’s tools). They did add some features to Google Doc’s presentation module today, but they aren’t exactly earth shattering:

  • Save as PDF, for when you really need to download your presentation as a file.
  • PDF-based printing options (save trees and ink!). Go to File->Print, select how many slides you’d like on a page (up to 12), and preview your choice.
  • Vector shapes, for your basic diagramming and drawing needs. Use block arrows to point out what’s important, or say something in a call-out bubble.