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24 January 2008 @ 12am


A New Digg Revolt

There is a bit of an uproar in the Digg community right now about what some people think is a recent change in how stories get front-paged. Basically, it seems as if top diggers now need more diggs to get on the front page and diggers are upset:

Unfortunately the rules to the game have never been under the community’s full control. As far as we can tell, the rule-makers barely listen to us. The latest change in the algorithm, along with rumors of secret editors, auto-buries, etc., have led us to believe it is time to break ties with

I have to give Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose props for getting on ustream tonight to face the roar of the crowd. They did have a constructive discussion with the hosts of the Drill Down.

Here are the main points from the chat on ustream:

The changes in the algorithm are meant to promote diversity. Neither Jay nor Kevin really explained what they mean with that, though. However, it seems that having a non-diverse crowd of followers might work against you.

There is no autobury. Buried stories reflect the will of the community.

Banned users: some users try to game the system – they get blocked. Seems simple, but once they got talking about specific users, everybody seemed somewhat confused.

Communication with the digg community: There was some talk about regular (monthly) “town hall meetings” between the digg top brass and the users. “There needs to be more open communication.”

For more about the original discussion: Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins on Mashable! and ParisLemon

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