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19 January 2008 @ 2pm


Is Joost Dying?

Short answer, yes.

Mathew Ingram and MG Siegler are wondering today if internet TV provider Joost has much of a future. From MG:

Well if they’re anything like me, I open it once in a while to see if anything new has been added, maybe watch a few clips, then shut it down 15 minutes later. I love the software, love the usability, but – as Mathew indicates – the content is simply not where it needs to be in order to get people to open up an entire program just to watch.

I did the exact same thing. Joost looked very cool at first. Invites were rare. The software was flashy. It looked like the future of TV. And then, nobody went back to use it much anymore.

Today, in the age of high quality flash videos, users expect their videos to play right in the browser. That’s what will make an effort like Hulu such a success. They aren’t interested in having yet another program to open and to keep it running in the background. That’s what will do Joost in in the end.

Maybe if Joost worked as a Firefox plugin, it would have had a chance.

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