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27 December 2007 @ 10pm


Just some thoughts

Been recovering from my after-Christmas coma and reading up on the news, so here are a few thoughts:

People were really upset that their shared feeds in Google Reader turned out to be… wait for it… shared?

I love Dave Winer’s work, but does releasing a glorified Mac-only screensaver count as a major product release worthy of a Techmeme headline? Especially when slickr has been doing the same thing on my PC forever (forever in a Web 2.0 timescale)?

Is the fact that every sub-$500 laptop is completely sold out at all the big box stores a sign of the popularity of laptops, or a sign that the good old bait-and-switch is alive and well at the Best Buys of this world?

Also: And how do these people dare sell Vista laptops with only 1GB of shared memory?

Last Gillmor Group podcast was a bit too weird. Only the last 15 minutes were really worth listening – but at least it came in one piece.

Also: how come every time I do a blog search for ‘Gillmor podcast’, all I get back is spam blogs? How many of those does Steve run to make some money himself?

Some people twittered more over Christmas than during a regular workday. Clearly a sign that these folds desperately need some offline time or more interesting families.

I loved being offline for the holidays.

Jason Calacanis is talking about money too much lately.