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20 December 2007 @ 2pm


Bringing the Web to the Politicians would have ever thought that Mike Arrington was going to get interviewed about presidential elections on cable news?

I really like the idea of getting the tech world more involved in politics and now that the readers of TechCrunch are going to endorse a candidate for the US presidency, this seems to be going in the right direction:

These are issues that get little attention from mainstream press (with the exception of renewable energy policies), but we think that they deserve to be considered as part of this election. Technology workers in Silicon Valley and elsewhere tend to donate a lot of money and time to campaigns, and they are more frequent voters than the average cititzen (sic!). The candidate’s positions on technology and related issues impact how they spend their time, money and votes.

I think especially questions about the visa situation for tech workers and net neutrality need to be addressed by the candidates. Sadly, on their TechCrunch profiles, those are often ‘N/A’ items.

Also sadly, though, given the inherent idiocy of the American voting system, a large number of voters will always be disenfranchised and the issues that the tech community cares about tend to be outside of the interest of the majority of people.

If anything, though, this might get some more politicians to think about some of these issues (or at least educate themselves about them) and maybe even react to them.

The results, so far, by the way show the power of the Ron Paul folks.

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