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12 December 2007 @ 11am


Good for Scoble

So Scoble is leaving Podtech (I hope this is true and Scoble doesn’t slam me again for posting an unconfirmed rumor – Scoble hasn’t posted anything yet).

From TechCrunch:

Famous blogger Robert Scoble will be leaving his current job at PodTech in mid January, he says. He will likely be joining Fast Company to start Fast Company TV.

Good for him. PodTech has been looking like a sinking ship lately and Scoble is too smart to sink with them. Seems like that is the general tone of the commentary in the blogosphere about this.

I sincerely hope that the format of the show is going to change, as I was never much of a fan of the ScobleShow idea of posting mostly unedited interviews that were sometimes riveting and often not very exciting.

TechCrunch speculates if his current sponsor Seagate is going to follow him. I would guess Scoble wouldn’t make such a move if there weren’t some things lined up at Fast Company for him already, with or without Seagate.

That said, it’s also a good move for Fast Company. They haven’t really had a lot of mindshare in my corner of the web lately and with Scoble there, you can be sure that he will attract some attention.