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7 December 2007 @ 6pm


Compusa shutting down

Everybody’s least favorite computer store, Compusa, is shutting down for good.

From the WSJ:

Gordon Brothers Group, a Boston-based retail store liquidator, will oversee a piecemeal sale of the Dallas-based business, the company said in a statement. Financial terms were not disclosed. Stores will remain open through year-end under the supervision of Gordon Brothers, which will also negotiate the sale of real estate and other assets. Two law firms were hired to represent creditors, CompUSA said.

I feel bad for those who worked for them, but otherwise, I don’t think the stores will be missed much. Their annoying penchant for using rebates to lure in customers and the face that they got their staff to rip of customers left and right made them one of the most disliked and unfriendly stores around. Not that BestBuy or CircuitCity are that much better.

I guess we will see some nice sales over Christmas there.

Nobody can beat my friendly neighborhood computer store anyway, Somebody with knowledge helps you out, selection is good, and prices are on the same level as on the net.

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