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5 December 2007 @ 2pm


Digg vs. Reddit

Interesting comparison of Digg and Reddit over at Social News Watch.

The article is clearly written to get some traction over on digg and reddit (and the author admits so). According to the article, digg is superior to reddit in almost every category.

The author also contents that it is difficult to cross over between the two sites.

I actually don’t fine either superior over the other. I probably spend about the same amount of time on both, though I tend not to comment on digg stories (I am glad to be out of high-school, don’t need some high-school kid to tell me I suck on digg now). The comments on reddit tend to be longer, smarter and more interesting to me.

Also, reddit still has that “small town feel,” where some of the postings do tend to be a bit insiderish (“Treehuggers Try to Kill Mister Splashy Pants: Vote Once More for Our Seafaring Buddy“), but still make it to the homepage. Digg, to me, even though it has all the social networking features, feels more anonymous to me.

Oh, and the commenting feature on digg is beyond annoying.

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