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4 December 2007 @ 11pm


Bloggers are not indicators of mainstream appeal

I think if the list of Top Sites by attention on the Compete blog shows anything, it’s that those of us who hang out on Techmeme are anything but good indicators for what keeps the mainstream audience occupied.

The top three – casual gaming site, the gay dating site and, the gay dating site, (some great Cialis and Viagra sales on the homepage, by the way).

Clearly dating and gaming sites, as well as social networks draw a large, devoted following (makes me wonder where the likes of Kongregate, adultfriendfinder and fall on this list).

The real odd one out is fanfiction site, but I guess if anybody is devoted to anything, its aficionados of fanfiction.

Here is the tongue-in-cheek explanation for this from the compete blog:

It’s not hard to see why people spend so much time on this website, once you read one post about the highly anticipated Edward Scissorhands II (Johnny Depp declined comment) you will be hooked. When I say hooked, I mean it: The average user spends over seven and a half hours on this website a month and logs in more than 34 times.

I guess there is a subculture for anything. But who am I too judge. If you surveyed my little corner on the web, I am sure you would find a very unhealthy addiction to Techmeme and Google Reader…

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