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4 December 2007 @ 1pm


AIM coming to you, GMail

GMail is turning more and more into the nerve center of the Google empire. Today, according to Google Blogoscoped, it looks like Google is starting to roll out the long promised integration with AIM inside the GMail chat interface.

Update: The Google Operating System stresses that the GMail Help explains that this function only uses a publicly available API – nothing fancy in terms of integration.

It doesn’t show up in my account yet  and I personally have no use for it, but any integration between IM services is a good thing. The balkanization of IM was what always kept me away from it. But if anything, AIM integration will allow you to chat with your less technical friends (= your grandmother) using the GMail interface.

Now wouldn’t it be great if Google integrated Jaiku and/or Twitter into the GMail interface as well? Or maybe GrandCentral?

I think it’s only a matter of time before GMail turns into the GCommunicator.

But if Google has sucked at one thing over the years, it’s integrating all those great assets it buys and creates into an even greater product. GrandCentral, for example, is still completely underutilized. The simple fact that the Google Talk client doesn’t have the new emoticons or AIM integration yet tell stories about this.

Want to see if you got AIM? Here are the instruction from Google Blogoscoped:

To see if you’ve already got this feature, log-in to Gmail and open the chat box status menu by clicking the arrow icon next to your name in that box. You should be seeing a menu entry reading “Sign into AIM.” Also, your Settings -> Chat options dialog in Gmail will contain a new section labeled “AIM” at the bottom