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3 December 2007 @ 9pm


Digg Image Section Has (finally) Arrived

Just went over to Digg and it looks like the long promised image section has finally arrived.

Only one question: what took them so long? There is nothing really spectacular going on there. And somewhat interestingly, the top two posts right now feature pictures from flickr, without a thumbnail…

Mathew Ingram notes that Digg has implemented some pretty interesting (though outsourced) algorithms to keep users from submitting the same photos time and again:

The other interesting feature of the photo category is the fact that Digg will be doing some image recognition to make sure people aren’t uploading the same photo over and over. And the engine powering that image recognition comes from Toronto’s very own Idee Inc., run by my friend Leila Boujnane and her team. Congrats to them.

Now all Digg needs is some slightly more mature users :)

Also, those looking for some more News Corp-Digg acquisition rumors, have a look at this from Kevin’s blog:

Additional thanks to our friends at Photobucket who have built a Digg channel with the Digg API. They’re adding Digg buttons to the site, and will turn on the Digg photo site after we go live with images tonight.

Photobucket, as you may remember, is now owned by News Corp

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