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19 November 2007 @ 7pm



I was getting a little bit excited about Amazon’s Kindle, but somehow, it isn’t really that interesting of a product (see BB Gadgets for a run-down of its functionality).

It’t too expensive. For $400 I can already get a real notebook on sale or one of those Asus mini-notebooks.

It’s too exclusively focused on book reading. Too many other devices offer a good reading experience today (iPhone, Blackberry etc.). They even have color screens. A full browser, phone, maps, mp3s, videos, PDA functions… and for the $20 extra you pay for the iPhone every month, you can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you please.

No Wi-Fi.

Why free web browsing but a charge for RSS? Shouldn’t it be the other way round? What uses more data?

E-Book readers just aren’t that interesting a category. I love books. But most people don’t need to have more than one or two books with them at any given time. For 99% of all people, the Kindle doesn’t solve a problem.

DRM = bad.

Amazon says that the Kindle too 3 years to design:

“We’ve been working on Kindle for more than three years. Our top design objective was for Kindle to disappear in your hands — to get out of the way — so you can enjoy your reading,” said Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO. “We also wanted to go beyond the physical book. Kindle is wireless, so whether you’re lying in bed or riding a train, you can think of a book, and have it in less than 60 seconds. No computer is needed — you do your shopping directly from the device. We’re excited to make Kindle available today.”

For such a long process, the Kindle is pretty ugly. That keyboard sure doesn’t help either.

Some more thoughts:

No screen cover?

Does it flash a black screen every time you switch a page like the Sony Reader?

Well, if you really want one, you could always buy it through Scoble and make him $40 so he can buy himself a few more useful gadgets.

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