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7 November 2007 @ 10am


So Facebook does its own ads now…

I didn’t say much about the Facebook announcement yesterday. From what I can see, it was 90% hyperbole and low on anything really interesting (“Once every hundred years media changes” blah, blah).

Nick Carr has some biting commentary on the announcement:

I like the way that Zuckerberg considers “media” and “advertising” to be synonymous. It cuts through the bullshit. It simplifies. Get over your MSM hangups, granddads. Editorial is advertorial. The medium is the message from our sponsor.

Well put. The way I see it is that Facebook takes the users’ data and throws it right back into their faces. It sells your demographic info to advertisers and makes a pretty penny doing so.

Or at least it tries. Mathew Ingram points out how loony the idea is that anybody would want to become friends with Coke or Sprite. And rightly so. Also, the idea that viral messages can be engineered is a bit suspect to me. For every viral marketing program that works, I am sure there are a hundred that fail. Your chances of going viral are probably higher if you don’t hire a marketer.

CNet call it all “bastardizing the community“. I like that. It sums up the attitude in one word.

Facebook should remember that while it is a silo, users can still go to another silo and be happy there. They have fickle users and they better remember that.