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5 November 2007 @ 9pm


Does Leopard really suck?

Every day now, I hear how badly Apple’s Leopard sucks. Now there is news of a massive data loss bug.

Dave Winer says he is not happy with Leopard:

Talking with a friend a few days ago, he asked what I thought of Leopard. He had installed the new version, like me, the first day it came out. “I’m not liking it,” I said. He said something that was simple, profound and revealing: “It’s like Windows.” It is.

Listening to This Week in Tech Today, Leo Laporte stated that he didn’t like it either (but then quickly retracted that, probably thinking about those Apple invites).

I have no experience with it, but I am surprised how many people are negative about it. The first reviews were glowing, of course. But now that people are using it, maybe it is time for the David Pogues of this world to go back to their early reviews and give it a second look.