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30 October 2007 @ 11am


Get your psychographic profile on Facebook

Looks like Facebook is going to jump head first into the advertising market. According to TechCrunch, they are readying an advertising platform called SocialAds.

SocialAds will be an attempt to be like Google’s AdSense, except that it will allow ads to be targeted to Facebook members’ individual interests and profile data rather than the text on a given Web page. This targeting will be done by placing cookies on Facebook members’ browsers when they visit the social site, so that they can be identified later when they visit other sites hosting SocialAds. Facebook is already experimenting with targeting ads on its own site (through its Facebook Flyers program) based on demographic and psychographic data that it culls from members’ profiles. With SocialAds, it will be able to extend that targeting across the Web.

Oh joy. Now the info you have given to Facebook will be used to create a nice little demographic and psychographic profile of you. Isn’t that what we have all been waiting for?

Maybe with the help of that little cookie, they can keep tracking me and use that info on other sites as well. It’s a very smart idea to leverage all the self-disclosure rampant on social networks – no doubt about it. I can’t blame them for trying to exploit this.

But Facebook might get some pushback from users, I think. There are still people who are nervous about Google reading their email, but at least Google doesn’t say that it will create a psychographic profile of me with that data (I wonder what all that email about Viagra, fake designer watches and porn say about me anyway :)

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