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20 October 2007 @ 11am


Google joining the Facebook Crowd

Google today announced a Google News Application for Facebook. Google timidly calls it an “experimental” application:

This experimental application enables users to create custom sections or select from a set of pre-defined topics, then browse and share stories with their friends on Facebook. We are trying a couple things differently with this application, and it is still in beta, but we think that it adds value to the Facebook experience and to users’ overall news experience. Enjoy!

Given the rumors that Goolge is readying its own Facebook killer, this seems like a somewhat strange gesture. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that some part of Google comes up with something that is already being replicated somewhere else (just think of the three bookmarking tools).

Mathew Ingram thinks it is a useful app. Marhall Kirkpatrick thinks it is “not bad at all,” but notes that the profile page is just not the place to interact with apps. Amen brother.

The ParisLemon has a roundup of what the Google-Facebook relationship could/should/can/might look like.