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17 October 2007 @ 4pm


Office Live Workspace registration is open

Via Read/Write Web:

Microsoft has been sharing with bloggers today some screenshots of the forthcoming Microsoft Office Live Workspace. The company made its most recent major announcement about the online collaboration suite that integrates with Office at the end of last month. Interested users can now pre-register for the free service’s launch later this year.

mslivelogo.jpgI know a lot of people have been down on Microsoft for not creating a full online office suite, but instead integrating the ‘old’, standalone Office with a web-storage and sharing frontend.

Personally, I think it’s not a bad move at all. None of the online office suites right now come even close to satisfying my word-processing needs. Hell, none of them even do footnotes or endnotes. None of the integrate with a citation manager. That’s the most basic stuff for my own writing. I am not writing very complicated documents, but until I get control over footnotes, bibliography management, line spacing, and other basic stuff, I will stay with Office 2007.

Don’t get me wrong, online office suites right now are good enough for writing a lot of things, but they are not good enough for writing in an academic setting.